... creates harmony in power systems.

Capacitor Adapter Type CBA

Transforms Shunt Capacitor Banks into Harmonic Filters Eliminates switching transients

Shunt Capacitor Banks amplify harmonics and generate high switching transients.

In order to reduce reactive power consumption , most of the medium- and high-voltage networks are compensated by shunt capacitor banks. This solution was very common and effective in the past, when the electrical loads consisted of linear, inductive or resistive, equipment only. Nowadays however, the electrical load mainly consists of non-linear apparatus such as DC - and variable speed drives, computers, CFLs, etc. Despite the energy saving benefits, the non-linear load have some special properties which affects the performance of electrical power systems: they generate harmonics and can easily be disturbed or damaged due to harmonics and transients. In such environment, the shunt capacitors can cause a lot of inconvenience as they use to amplify harmonic currents and generate high switching transients at energisation. These drawbacks make application of shunt capacitors not acceptable in most of the electrical systems.

Modern PFC solutions consist of softly switched Filters

Modern solutions of power factor correction consist of filters generating reactive power and filtering harmonics switched softly by means of synchronised circuit-breakers or tyristors. However, a replacement of an existing capacitor bank with a new filter and a new synchronised circuit-breaker represents a significant investment which may be difficult to justify for a cost conscious company.

CBA converts Shunt Capacitors into softly switched Filters

The Capacitor Bank Adapter, CBA, converts existing Shunt Capacitor Banks into Filters and damps the switching transients.

CBA enables to transform a shunt capacitor bank into a band-pass filter, high-pass damped filter, double- or triple tuned filter. At the fundamental frequency, the capacitor with CBA acts as a shunt capacitor and generates reactive power. At higher frequencies, the CBA acts as a harmonic filter reducing the harmonic distortion.
The CBA is not increasing the voltage across the capacitor's terminals and consequently, the life time of the capacitor remains unaffected.