... creates harmony in power systems.

Our Business


Electrical engineers responsible for design and maintenance of industrial networks are facing increased problems caused by imperfections of the electrical systems.

Due to the recent developments in the power electronics field, a range of new energy effective devices such as DC rectifiers, frequency converters, soft starters, etc. have been introduced on the market. By means of these devices the manufacturing and processes can be run more efficiently and more economically.

However, power electronics devices are by their nature not compatible with AC power systems. Rectifiers and converters constitute non-linear loads that draw non-sinusoidal currents. Consequently, a certain portion of energy is being injected to the network as harmonic currents causing thermal overloading and interference with network components and equipment. On the other hand the immunity of he new equipment to voltage disturbances is much lower than immunity of traditional AC loads. That sets special demands for harmonic- and transient elimination

What we can do for you

HARMONIZER is a consulting company specialised in solving power quality problems. We can help you to carry out periodical power quality audits, solve problems causing operation interruptions, maintain electromagnetic compatibility in the system, develop EMC specifications for electrical equipment and the entire network, training and education in Power Quality.

We provide specialist services within the areas:
- Power Quality
- Harmonics Filtering
- Reactive Power Compensation

We perform:

- Power-, harmonic- and transient measurements
- Computer based network simulations
- Design of harmonic filters and reactive power compensators
- EMC verification
- Commissioning
- Trouble shooting